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Root Canal Treatment in Tuggerah

Woman holding her jaw in pain

At Bluewater Dental, we focus on prevention, offering you the services and education you need to optimise the health of your teeth and gums. However, problems can still arise, requiring intervention to save a tooth that has become infected.

Root canal therapy is a common procedure, and generally not the horribly painful ordeal that many people think it is.

What Is It?

There are three main reasons a person may need a root canal. First, when a patient comes in for emergency care with severe pain, X-rays often reveal an infection or nerve irritation deep inside the tooth. Second, when we do X-rays during a routine check-up, we may see that infection exists, even though pain has not yet started. And third, we may recommend a “pre-emptive” root canal for a tooth that is broken down, so that we can build up the tooth to accommodate a crown.

Whatever the underlying reason, the treatment works the same way. While you are comfortably numb, your dentist will open up the tooth and remove the bacteria that’s causing the infection. Medication will be applied, then the tooth is sealed.

Illustration of a root canalWill I Need a Crown?

Any tooth with a root canal will need a crown placed over it. This is because the blood supply to the tooth is removed, causing the tooth to become brittle and weak. The crown protects the tooth from breaking the first time you bite something hard.

After your tooth is sealed, your dentist will prepare the tooth for the crown. In some cases, we can fabricate crowns on-site, but in other instances, we’ll send your impressions to a lab to make your crown. We’ll explain all your options and answer any of your questions.

You’re in Control

At any time during your procedure, if you need to stop or take a break, we will accommodate that.

You’re always in charge of everything, and we pride ourselves on providing patient-focused care that is never traumatic.

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Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks.


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