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Check-up and Clean in Tuggerah

Man's teeth being cleaned

At Bluewater Dental, we want to help you keep your smile healthy and beautiful for a lifetime. Regular check-ups and cleans are an important part of preventative care to ensure you can put your best smile forward.

What to Expect

Our front desk staff will greet you and help you with any paperwork. Then we’ll take you into the surgery. Your dentist will talk with you for a few minutes to find out if you have any concerns. They’ll explain what will happen at today’s appointment. We’ll begin with a thorough examination and charting, then take pictures and X-rays as needed.

Your dentist will briefly discuss what they’ve seen so far, then move on to your cleaning and fluoride treatment. Afterwards, they’ll sit down with you and go through all your photos and X-rays, explaining what looks good and what is a problem or potential problem.

If there are issues that need to be addressed, we’ll explain what they are and offer various treatment options. There is no pressure for you to act immediately—if you’re ready to begin treatment, we’ll get you scheduled for that. But if you want to go away and have a think, that’s perfectly fine. Throughout this visit, we’ll answer any questions you may have, so you can feel comfortable with your care.

How Often Are Check-ups and Cleans Recommended?

For most patients, we recommend coming in every six months. For patients with periodontal disease or other issues, we may recommend more frequent visits.

The reason for coming in twice a year is that most dental problems do not cause pain or other symptoms until they are quite advanced. So if you wait until you’re in pain to come see us, there’s a greater likelihood that the problem can’t be fixed with a simple filling. When we check your teeth every few months, we can identify problems early on and often prevent much bigger problems from arising.

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